Cairns Wedding - Ross + Paris

My day started with Ross and his mates chilling on the couch, drinking beer and playing Fifa on the PS4. If only I could have stayed... however I had a bride preparing to walk down the isle in another home. Paris did a bridal reveal for her bridesmaids. Good luck wiping away the smiles and stopping the tears as Paris lit up the entire room as she walked down the stairs. 

 The ceremony was held at Laloli with a very special celebrant: John Bout, the bride's father. It was a family affair with Paris being walked down the isle by her brothers that handed their sister to Ross and John taking care of the legal responsibilities for her daughter. This was a 30 year old tradition as John mentioned -

"Just as my father married my wife and myself over 30 years ago, I had the great pleasure of being able to marry my daughter Paris and her husband Ross. With our two sons walking her down the aisle and giving her away, there was hardly a dry eye to be seen. It was truly memorable."

The reception was held out on the lawn at Laloli under two century old trees and lit by fairy lights. The Mojo food van kept stomachs full and the dance floor was one of the most entertaining I had witnessed. When Sir Mix-A-Lot, Baby Got Back starts playing its about to get interesting!

THAT Dress: Irene Costa’s Devine Bridal ~ Hair: SeiBella Hair  ~ Makeup: Events Makeup + Hair ~ Celebrant: Ceremonies About You, John Bout  ~ Flowers: Flowers By Tracy ~ Venue: Laloli Gardens ~ Catering: Mojo Street Food ~ Decor: Perfect Moments ~ Entertainment: Daniel, Cairns Wedding DJ

Cairns Wedding Photographer -

Cairns Wedding - Josh + Erica

Cairns Wedding Photographer at Laloli Gardens

I first met Erica and her family at a wedding in 2017. On June 16th, 2018, it felt like a family reunion when I arrived and started photographing her own wedding. The boys drank American Honey and Erica popped her first bottle of champagne to celebrate. Since most of the Bridal party hadn't seen the wedding dress we organised a Bridal reveal. Making sure we stunned the bridal party with amazement while pulling a few heart strings.

The ceremony + reception was held at Laloli Gardens, Cairns. What makes Laloli great is that I never see the same thing twice. Every Bride + Groom that hires the venue has different ideas and concepts. Erica + Josh held their ceremony out on the open field with large tress providing shade and a mountain view backdrop. A police car delivered the rings... which became one of the funniest moments I've ever witnessed at a ceremony. It was both cute and hilarious as the two page boys cruised around the ceremony with their sirens going off. 

At the reception The Bedford Bar kept the glasses full and Spectrum Sounds lit up the dance floor. By the end of the night the Bride + Groom ended up pouring their own drinks behind the bar providing entertainment for the guests.

THAT Dress: Made With Love ~ Hair: Linda Gloger  ~ Makeup: Sarah Holmes Makeup Artist ~ Celebrant: Ceremonies by Charmaine  ~ Flowers: Sandra Groborsch ~ Venue: Laloli Gardens ~ Catering: Coral Coast Catering ~ Bar: The Bedford Bar ~ Entertainment + Photo Booth: Spectrum Sounds

Congratulations! You made it to the end. Here is me on a coffee break at their wedding ;)

Fitzroy Island Wedding - Ryan + Carla

Fitzroy Island, Cairns Wedding Photography

The chilly winter weather slowly rolled in at Ryan + Carla's home in Gembrook, Victoria. Except this winter Ryan + Carla replaced the thick jumpers and wooly Ugg Boots for thongs and stubbies. They woke up every morning in paradise with crystal clear waters and warm sunny mornings. To top it all off, they invited their family + friends to join them and celebrate with one big party... and the best part, I was invited!

Welcome to Tropical North Queensland and Fitzroy Island! Not only does Fitzroy Island have a beach ranked number 1 in Australia, it has some of the best sunsets I've ever seen in the Far North. Chilling with these two around the Island for their portrait sesh was a huge highlight! We hiked, climbed, laughed and had our own private beach for those more intimate Bride + Groom moments. 

THAT Dress: Fairytales Bridal Boutique  ~ Hair: ToKunai Hair ~ Celebrant: Adrienne Doyle  ~ Flowers: Floral Edge + Desflora ~ Venue: Fitzroy Island ~ Cake: Cake This ~ Decor: Eventcore ~ Catering: Fitzroy Island ~ Entertainment: Jimmy King Music

Port Douglas Wedding - Gavin + Nadia

Port Douglas, Queensland Wedding Photography

Weddings in Port Douglas are more than just a celebration of love. With many of the guests flying in from down South, it becomes a holiday and time to celebrate with friends and family. Most guests will take in the delicious restaurants, take a day trip to the reef or just have a few drinks at the local pub.

Gavin + Nadia arrived to Port Douglas ready to rip up the dance floor with their family, friends and furry member of the family Scooter. The ceremony took place at Little Cove, iconic for its palm tree and ocean view backdrop. The reception was held at the Sugar Wharf where Salsa served the guests canapés and the main dish of Massaman Curry... my favourite + the Grooms!

Once the ceremony had finished we escaped for the Photo Sesh. Hitting up the rainforest boardwalk near Little Cove which included some rock hopping and chill time under a fig tree. We completed our Photo Sesh at a train line I had discovered the day before.

The highlight of this wedding was the Wonderland Spiegeltent which had arrived for the Port Douglas Carnival. The day before the wedding I had a photo idea... Imagine having the Bride + Groom on stage, inside the Spiegeltent! With a few phone calls before the Bridal Prep, I had scored an opportunity to bring Gavin + Nadia inside the the tent during the intermission. Once the main performance took a break it was our time to shine. With no hesitation and surrounded by a crowd, Gavin + Nadia took centre stage for a wedding dance. Nailed it!

THAT Dress: Darb Bridal Couture ~ Hair + Makeup: PDHM ~ Celebrant: Stephanie Milne ~ Flowers: Floral Edge  ~ Venue: Sugar Wharf, Port Douglas ~ Decor: Port Douglas Catering & Events ~ Catering: Salsa  ~ Entertainment/DJ: Tropica Entertainment ~ Wedding Arch: Port Douglas Wedding Arches

Laloli Gardens - Chris + Kaitlyn

The start of the Cairns Wedding Session went off with a bang at Laloli Gardens. The venue, Laloli, continues to add amazing features to the property, making it a dream to photograph Brides + Grooms. And they have filled me in with what 2019 will bring. And it's pretty magical. I can't wait for a couple to have their reception inside the bamboo forest!

In just about every wedding I have one emotional moment... Chris the Groom pulled at my heart strings this time. The moment was totally unexpected and happened during the congratulations after the ceremony. It was a truly powerful moment between two brothers. I was less than a metre away and could feel the outpour of emotion... The pictures tell the story.

THAT Dress: Devine Bridal by Irene Costa ~ Makeup: Makeup by Ellen ~ Hair: Hair: DS Hair + Makeup ~ Videographer: Hudson Films ~ Celebrant: Travis Ambrum  ~ Flowers: Love Them Flowers  ~ Venue: Laloli Gardens ~ Cake: Little Food ~ Decor: Perfect Moments ~ Catering: Cairns Spit Roast