A Picnic in the Rainforest, Cairns Engagement Shoot

Styled engagement shoots. Best. Idea. Ever!

Kirsty + Nik decided that for their engagement shoot they would sit down, eat cheese, drink wine and relax in the rainforest. The awesome thing about capturing an engagement session date is it allows me to start the shoot by leaving the camera in the bag and chill with the couple. I want to know how they are feeling, talk about their wedding preparations and just chat. These two were total naturals and didn’t require any champagne to get warmed up. With their wedding only a few weeks away now, I’m super pumped to capture them all over again!

If you’re planning to have an engagement shoot around Cairns or the beaches sit down with your partner and have a brainstorm. What type of date would you have that fits your relationship and personalities? Because this answer could be your grand idea for an engagement session (if you like eating pizza and watching Netflix let me know, I’d love to do an indoor engagement session!). Head out on a weekend to scout a new location or revisit the spot where you had your first date. If you require guidance head over and check out the blog post, 'How To Plan An Engagement Shoot'.

- The Team - Styling + Food: The Collection Co ~ Hair: Inner Goddess Hair ~ Makeup: Makeup by Carly