Jodie + Geoff

Now this is what an engagement shoot should be about! Finding a beach, setting up a picnic and eating cheese + wine. I’m encouraging all my couples to think outside the box. Let’s create a shoot that is personal and fun. What are your favourite spots to visit on the weekend, or a memorable location you have visited during your relationship? Maybe it’s in the back of your 4x4 ute! I can bring the beer or cookies. Whatever it takes to make you guys feel chill. You name it and I’ve got you!

For Jodie + Geoff this was nostalgic moment. Many great things have happened during their picnic outings. 1) First date. 2) Geoff purposed to Jodie. 3) Their engagement shoot. This is now a relationship tradition! We didn’t rush straight into taking photos, because food and chats is far more important. It was a pretty chill afternoon and I’d recommend having a similar set up if you’re nervous in front of the camera. It can make a scary experience into a joyful one with wine… that’s all you need… right?

Set up by the talented The Collection Co.