The Raw Sesh

Holyyyy shiz… We friggin did it! A spicy and loved up indoor session! The idea started during a coffee date with Dani from Events Makeup + Hair. I showed her my Instagram mood board and was like “Dani, I want a challenge… this is what I want to do!” Dani found the perfect couple Ari + Kauri, and I did a shoutout on InstaStories looking for a suitable AirBnB. Cadaghi Cottage came to my rescue! All we asked from Ari and Kauri was to be themselves and give no F#%k’s.

We are calling it a ‘Raw Sesh’. It’s an indoor home session. Maybe you don’t like visiting the beach or running through cane fields… you’d much prefer hanging on the couch with your fur babies and watching Netflix, and that’s totally cool! The Raw Sesh is similar to an engagement shoot only in the comfort of your own home, or styling AirBnB. I’m hoping we can provide Cairns couples with a new experience. One that is fun, personal and intimate.

Oh, I forgot to mention…. We are going to go all out and make sure you look extra extra fine! Dani is going to join us on the day. She will make sure the hair is hella good and the lip gloss is re-applied.

Before I even pick up the camera I want us to get comfortable. While hair and makeup is happening I will crack open a few beers and we are going to chill. Want pizza? Let’s get pizza! To make things come naturally during the shoot you both have to be comfortable - beer and pizza helps. But… creating a strong connection and friendship before the shoot will make your photos 1000% times better. You both have to be just as committed to the shoot as we are! We did exactly the same thing with Ari + Kauri during this sesh.

Remember this… "It takes two flints to make a fire." -Louisa May Alcott- Let’s light that fire!

Make Up + Hair: Events Makeup + Hair

AirBnB: Cadaghi Cottage