Mitch + Alyssa

After 10 years of leaving Smithfield State High School a group of friends came together on September 22nd, 2018, to celebrate their best friends wedding. Mitch + Alyssa are high school sweethearts and it was a pleasure to be invited to their wedding day and also reunite with old school mates.

I arrived to the boys playing Fifa on the PlayStation 4 and drinking the grooms favourite: Captain Morgan. Unfortunately I couldn’t join the games and drinking sesh (the perfect match)… I had to get these guys suited up! When I arrived to the bridesmaids and bride a few girls were touching up their speeches and hair, and makeup was in action. Once Alyssa had her dress on, Dad got his first look… It was at that moment the girls tried their hardest not to ruin the makeup.

The ceremony and reception was held at Laloli. Surrounded by the garden, guests witnessed the bride + groom become Mr and Mrs Andersen. Laloli is well known to have amazing photo locations. During the portrait session we explored the local creeks, rainforests and gardens. The bridal party awaited us on the open lawn for their own photos. It was the perfect time as the sun set and the girls watched as the boys threw the groom into the air… the groom pulled off the perfect Blue Steel while mid air. Once we had our laughs it was time to party it up under the Sugar Shed!

THAT Dress: The Bridal Atelier ~ Makeup: Penny V ~ Hair: Ashlee Piper Hairdressing ~ Florist: Cairns Flower Market ~ Celebrant: Kay Earl ~ Cake: Cheese wheels from Gallos ~ Guitarist: Davey Simony ~ Catering: Coral Coast Catering ~ Bar: The Bedford Bar ~ Venue: Laloli ~ Bridesmaids Jewellery: Birdee, Wild Charm Jewellery