Season 2, Episode 2018

Wow, what a year!! 2018 is the year I decided to become a full time Wedding Photographer. I finished the 9 to 5 job and decided to throw myself into the deep end. I made the commitment as a self employed business owner, to connect and reach out to you… I did this by making an appearance on Instagram Stories. This has been my one of my greatest business decision so far. I love showing you the behind-the-scenes, bits of my personal life and all the wicked things I get to do with my brides + grooms. I believe a HUGE part of being a wedding photographer is the person/personality behind the camera. Why? Because this guy is going to chill with you for 10 hours on the biggest day of your life! Having an online presence has been super rewarding.

It all started in 2017 when I photographed my first serious wedding and created a small portfolio from 10 weddings that year. I was lucky enough to include a few destination weddings around Bali and New Zealand. This year I was fortunate to photograph 30+ weddings. Cairns, Port Douglas, and Mareeba were the most captured destinations. Still this year was the ultimate learning experience. Within a few months I created a system/workflow to edit thousands of photos, manage clients, organise meetings, send emails, walk the dog, and buy groceries. Not sure how I did it… but I survived.

I’m super happy with the evolution of my imagery. My style has progressed since earlier in my career and I’m excited to see where it will progress in the future. That’s the unique thing about photography, you’ll never reach a peak, you keep learning and improving. Your feedback has allowed me to experiment and try new things. Confidence is key. My couples have 100% trust in what I do and allow me to capture personal moments. These are the most powerful and meaningful images that tell a real story and show true love. 

It is not possible to write this blog without special mention to the wedding vendors in Cairns – my go-to people. I stepped into the wedding industry knowing no-one… however as the Raw Photographer name spread I soon arrived at weddings with open-arms and smiles. Ewan from Hudson Films, Gab from Nine Blooms, Dani from Events Hair + Hair and Shannon from Inner Goddess are just a few names of the kick-ass people that have been supporting and encouraging me since the start of my career. I try to attend network events to get to know the hardworking people of the industry, including the other wedding photographers. After all, these are the guys and girls that are full of knowledge and for some, have been at it for 10+ years. I know that if I have any problems, they will be there to help.

After capturing thousands of images, meeting 33 amazing couples and travelling hundreds of kilometres around Queensland… the images in this blog are here to tell the rest of the story. Every couple, wedding vendor and mums of the bride and groom have been super supportive. The hype has been real, and I would love for those vibes to continue. Thank you for following and joining my journey. 2019 is going to be one hell of a ride!