Baby Sophia

I first met Kat + Damian early last year when they were a team of two organising their 2018 wedding. Since then a new guest has been added to the wedding list and family! We had originally planned to do an engagement shoot, however with a new bundle of joy we made sure everybody could be part of the fun with a Bedroom Baby Session.

My Family Portrait + Bedroom Baby Sessions are solely advertised through word-of-mouth. However they are an exciting challenge and I'm always happy to create some wall hanging images. I'm currently offering these sessions until the end of April... So if you know a young family or couple that wish to capture their newborn in the comfort of their family home, I'm available!

M: 0466908959 E:

Cairns Newborn - Cole

Just before Christmas I was invited to join Stevo, Leah and baby Cole for their first family portrait session. Cole was a character! He was the baby with a thousand facial expressions. It made my job editing quiet enjoyable.

If you're expecting, have a newborn or know somebody who may want a bedroom session feel free to contact me - M: 0466908959, E: (Unfortunately I don't do babies in baskets. I want to capture the candid moments in the comfort of your own home)

Woman's Best Friend

While Netflix and lazy days are perfect for some on a stormy day, Emily and I prefer taking to the beach for some one-on-one time with our furry friends.

"Man's best friend" can be our true and faithful companions through thick and thin. I've noticed they are becoming a common occurrence with my wedding's and engagement shoots. Why shouldn't they be? We look to our pets when we are ready to play and laugh, and they instinctively know when we need their support.

They are a joy to have on a photo shoot because they bring out our true self. That's just what I want to capture.

Travel Myanmar

I wont ramble on too much...

Lorna and I took our first holiday together to one of my favourite Asian countries, Myanmar. We played with elephants, hiked for 3 days, lived with locals and I rediscovered my love for Myanmar. Travel is my way to play, grow and experiment as a photographer. I always come back home with a slightly different style and eye.

Here is a peak through my lens...