Ryan + Jeralyn - Cairns Engagement Shoot

Steamy Cairns Engagement Shoot at Stoney Creek

Where do I start... I can sum up this engagement shoot in 3 words. Steamy, Passionate, Funking Amazing! (Ok, maybe 4)

Jeralyn + Ryan first contacted me asking to shoot their wedding. Unfortunately the date was booked... however, these two didn't stop there. They made sure I would be able to capture their love by doing an engagement shoot. I'm so glad I could help these two out! It was an engagement shoot on another level. Whenever a creek or waterfall is involved I make sure the couple have a spare change of cloths. You're not coming on an engagement shoot at Stoney Creek to stay dry... There are endless photo ops in the water! 

Thanks to Jeralyn + Ryan for the super amazeballs review xo I will never be part the Backstreet Boys!

"We loved our photo shoot with Jason -he has this amazing gift of making you feel right at ease whilst capturing the emotion and mood of the moment. We are so happy with our photos and just bummed that he is unavailable for our wedding. Definitely worth checking out if you want a modern photographer with personality and experience with no backstreet boy poses in sight!!"


Cairns Engagement Shoot - Breanna + Daniel

A garden with ferns, bamboo forests, fairy lights and a loved up couple... Must be another Raw Engagement Shoot!

When I announced I was about to become a full time wedding photographer a free engagement shoot was on offer! These two shared their proposal story online and their names were picked out of a lucky hat. Excitement followed as I messaged Breanna and congratulated her. Soon Breanna + Daniel were walking around the Cairns Botanical Gardens listening to my amazing Spotify Playlist and I shared a few tips on how to smash their wedding day Portrait Sesh.

Trinity Beach Engagement Shoot - Erica + Josh

It's not very often I do an engagement shoot in the morning. It's way easier to hit that snooze button than prepare yourself to be in front of a camera. The struggle can be real... however the end results are worth it!

Mornings provide cooler conditions, fewer people interrupting our photo sesh and that sweet golden sunrise light! Eric + Josh decided to not hit the snooze button and instead join me for a engagement shoot on Trinity Beach, Cairns.

Mareeba Engagement Shoot ~ Anika + Steven

I'm a little bit jealous of the photographers based in the Tablelands region. You guys have the best sunsets around Far North Queensland! And the people that live in this area are always keen for an adventure and willing to do just about anything to get the shot.

Anika + Steven are the perfect example. We played in the middle of the road, trekked through tall grass and had an awesome time chasing the light. When a couple are up for a challenge and have full trust in their photographer amazing things can happen!

Anthony + Francesca

Engagement Photography - Trinity Beach, Cairns.

I kicked off 2018 with an engagement shoot with Anthony + Francesca at Trinity Beach. These two totally owned it! We spent a few minutes going through my favourite couple positions and then I let them do the rest. The smiles, laughs and hugs all come naturally when you're with somebody you love. Engagement shoots are not that scary and they are great practice for your wedding day!

I'll be seeing this two again on the 25th of August 2018 for an epic celebration!