Cairns Wedding - Neil + Alex

Hosting a ceremony in the Botanical Gardens and a reception only a few minutes away in your own backyard was a pretty smart idea from this bride and groom. I love the idea! You celebrate in the comfort of your home, it requires no late night taxi drives and you can wake up with a possible hangover in your own bed!

Neil + Alex were a pleasure to photograph. It was a carefree photoshoot with friends. They followed my lead as I pointed out a few spots to explore and cane fields to hide in. The highlight of the trip was how we rewarded ourselves after finishing up early. A quick Maccas run for a 60¢ cone did the trick. Alex went fancy and spent extra on a chocolate flake!

THOSE - Decor: The Vintage Hire Company ~ Cake: The Cooling Rack ~ Celebrant: Vows & Kisses ~ Food: Chriso, The Personal Chef ~ Venue: Botanical Gardens, Cairns. ~ Music: Danny Bani