Destination Wedding, Bali - Jasmine + Brett

Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia Wedding Photography

A tropical island off the coast of Bali was the destination for my first wedding of 2017. It didn't disappoint with private villas, white beaches and a scenic coast line to provide an epic location for a few Bintang beers and photos.

For the guests, bride and groom I'm sure most will agree that a destination wedding feels like an extended holiday. With 40+ guests attending I'd continually run into them while driving around on my hired scooter, eating breakfast or having a beer at a cliff side bar. I made new friends fast and was welcomed by everyone. I arrived to Lembongan as a solo traveller and left with a new island family.

Jasmine & Brett, what can I say? That was a day I’ll never forget. Thank you so much for trusting a 'little-known' Cairns photographer with your legendary Indonesian wedding.