– Where are you based?

I live in Cairns.  Most of my weddings are in Far North Queensland, but I’m available for weddings throughout Australia and internationally.

– Will you travel for our wedding?

HECK Yeah! Mixing my passion for wedding photography and travel is a winning combination.

– How many shots do you normally take at a wedding, and what will I receive afterwards?

There is no limit on how many images I take during a wedding. I provide my clients with around 700 - 1000 edited high-resolution shots from their wedding. You'll receive these on a personalised USB that comes in a cute little box.

– How long after the wedding will I receive my photos?

I'll happily deliver/post your photos around 4 weeks after your wedding.

– Can I print my photos? Do I have the rights to do whatever I want with them?

You can do whatever you like with the images I give you – you can print until your heart is content. Each package includes the high-resolution files on a USB.

– When we book you, will it be you shooting our wedding or someone else? 

Me. You’ll deal with me the whole time, from the first email all the way to when I deliver your images after the wedding.

– We’re really awkward in front of the camera… we’re camera shy! Is that ok?

No problem, I'm here to capture those candid moments. Most of the time you won't know I'm taking photos, or you'll be so engaged with each other that everything will seem natural. I won’t pose you; I’ll direct you.

– How much coverage do we need?  

To create a visual story of your day the sweet spot is around 9 hours. This way I can shoot you both getting ready right through to the reception. 

– What’s an ‘unplugged wedding’, and why should we have one? 

An unplugged wedding really just refers to the ceremony, not the rest of the day, and refers to a ceremony where the couple ask / tell their guests to put their phones and cameras away for the ceremony. No photos taken by guests at all during the ceremony. I absolutely think you should have an unplugged ceremony. There are a few good reasons to do this:

  • So your guests don’t get in my way, meaning that I won’t miss the really lovely photo opportunities that you’ve paid me to shoot
  • So when you look out at your guests during the ceremony, you’ll see them sharing your wedding with you, rather than see their faces hidden behind mobiles and cameras

– You’ll get hungry, taking all those photos at my wedding, I imagine.  Want us to provide a meal for you?

That would be lovely. I'm happy to sneak out in another room or you can put me on a table with your guests (I'd love to meet your closest family and friends). 

– We’d like to book you! What do we do now?

Hit me up at info@therawphotographer.com so I can check my calendar. Feel free to give me a call at any stage too.

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