Jarrad + Sangeetha

Before I have a small chat about why I'd recommend doing an engagement shoot... I just want to say Jarrad + Sangeetha totally nailed theirs!

Having a photoshoot can be daunting... But when you have a strong connection and love for your partner the nerves quickly fade. An engagement shoot is more than just photographing a couple in love. It's about getting to know each other, sharing stories and capturing intimate moments. It's a time of building trust and comfort with your photographer. Just wait until the wedding day... the benefits will show!

Emily + Brad

I had only met Emily + Brad an hour before their engagement shoot. From the start it felt like I was photographing life long friends. These two were so comfortable around their new photographer friend they made my job look easy.

We played in the clouds, chased waterfalls, threw ideas at each other and had plenty of laughs. I was super pumped they decided to go with my idea of bringing their swimming gear. Trying something new with a couple that are open-minded to new ideas is awesome! These two were all refreshed by the end of their shoot... They braved the cold like champs!

Emily + Lincoln

I get a little bit excited when I hear the news I'll be shooting in a Pine forest. It could be a combination of amazing symmetry that the trees provide, the fairytale vibe or the endless creative possibilities that makes this one of my favourite environments! 

Emily + Lincoln invited me to their own pine forest that's been used on rare family occasions.  We strolled the leaf littered forest and took in the epic view while the sun set. Nervous giggles quickly turned into bursts of genuine laughter as Emily + Lincoln shared stories and I continued to capture their love.

Sara + Frank

The iconic Stratford cane bridge and surrounding cane fields is a popular location for many Cairns photographers. A rustic cane bridge, dense rainforest and a sunrise over the cane fields is what makes this spot so special. The location ticks all the boxes for couples that wish to have a mix of rainforest and cane incorporated into their engagement shoot.

Sara + Frank brought their 2 furry friends to join in on the action. We started with a quick swim in the rainforest, cuddle on the bridge and ended hiding in the cane while the sun set. I learnt that jumping on your partners back is super cute and fun! I'll be using this one alot more, thanks Sara!