Anthony + Francesca

Engagement Photography - Trinity Beach, Cairns.

I kicked off 2018 with an engagement shoot with Anthony + Francesca at Trinity Beach. These two totally owned it! We spent a few minutes going through my favourite couple positions and then I let them do the rest. The smiles, laughs and hugs all come naturally when you're with somebody you love. Engagement shoots are not that scary and they are great practice for your wedding day!

I'll be seeing this two again on the 25th of August 2018 for an epic celebration!

Adrian + Mel

Ok... After capturing a few engagement shoots at Yorkeys Knob I've fallen in love with the place. It's a large beach which means there is alot of privacy so my couples are comfortable. Pine trees grow on the edge of the beach which brings so many photographic opportunities. Last but not least, the wind. I love the windswept look in my photos!

All these elements came into play when I photographed Adrian + Mel. I couldn't have asked for a better day or couple!

Jarrad + Sangeetha

Before I have a small chat about why I'd recommend doing an engagement shoot... I just want to say Jarrad + Sangeetha totally nailed theirs!

Having a photoshoot can be daunting... But when you have a strong connection and love for your partner the nerves quickly fade. An engagement shoot is more than just photographing a couple in love. It's about getting to know each other, sharing stories and capturing intimate moments. It's a time of building trust and comfort with your photographer. Just wait until the wedding day... the benefits will show!

Emily + Brad

I had only met Emily + Brad an hour before their engagement shoot. From the start it felt like I was photographing life long friends. These two were so comfortable around their new photographer friend they made my job look easy.

We played in the clouds, chased waterfalls, threw ideas at each other and had plenty of laughs. I was super pumped they decided to go with my idea of bringing their swimming gear. Trying something new with a couple that are open-minded to new ideas is awesome! These two were all refreshed by the end of their shoot... They braved the cold like champs!